I dont get people

I’m 21 years old. I dont drink. I dont smoke. I dont make bad decisions.

I dont degrade women. I dont have sex unless I’m in a serious relationship. I dont say “gay” or “homo” to describe things that I think are stupid. I dont do anything illegal.

..But I’M different? 

I have a few tattoos and some piercings, but so what? Why is it so bad that I’d rather stay in and do things that make me happy rather than go out and get drunk like everyone else? I like being respectful. I like being able to remember all of the experiences in my life. Why is THAT different now?

Everyone goes out, gets drunk and talks about all the fun they had. Is that fun? Is it fun not remembering who you hooked up with and how dumb you sounded? Is it fun making a complete fool of yourself in front of your peers? Is it fun wasting money on booze and drugs when you could spend it on tangible things that will last a lot longer and give you meaningful memories?

I dont get where society is going. I wish I grew up in a different era. I hate the way everyone acts. I hate how popularity is all anyone worries about. Who gives a shit? Honestly. The number of people you hook up with doesn’t make you cool. The number of girls you degrade doesn’t make you any more of a man. 

People’s priorities are fucked.