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Entertain me, lovers.

1: Picture of yourself

2: A description of my self-esteem

3: My favorite book

6: Most famous person you've met

7: What I want to be when I'm older

8: My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)

9: Relationship status?

10: What I did yesterday

11: What I'm doing today

12: What I'm doing tomorrow

13: Most embarrassing moment

14: Description of who I like

15: Biggest insecurities?

16: Something I wish I could change about myself

17: I'll love you if...

18: Something I'm really good at

19: Something I'm really bad at

20: What I wish for at 11:11

21: A reason I've lied to a friend

22: Favorite Movie

23: Something that has made you mad recently

24: A random fact about yourself

25: Question of your choice