I’m a relationship kind of guy.

I’ve been single for about four and a half months, and I hate it. I went through high school and my first year of college completely dedicated to one girl, and I loved it. I love the feeling of partnership…that tingle you get in your stomach every time that person calls…The feeling that at the end of the day, no matter what, that person will be there for you because they love you.

I hate stereotypes. I’m guilty of them myself, but it’s so ridiculous to judge a group of people based on the actions of few. There’s a stereotype that all guys want is sex. It’s not true. I want love. I want a girl that will be my best friend and more. I want someone that I can be myself around, someone that knows every little detail about me and still loves me unconditionally. Someone that enjoys being around me as much as I enjoy being around them. I want all of that more than sex. Sex is great. It’s fun. Whatever. There’s more important things, and I’m aware of that.

I was in a relationship like the one I just described, but that’s gone now. Something went wrong, and something changed. I’m single and I cant stand it. I’m not the type of person to force a relationship, and I’m going to wait as long as I have to for the right situation. I’m cool with that. Love can’t be forced, and it never should be. I just want to hit rewind and try again. I look back and remember how happy I was, and I miss it.

Come back.